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It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

my dream is here

many times, when I get on taxis, the driver will start crapping about how singapore isn't good. I've heard it all before, I've my own views that sometimes agree and many times not. I'm no ra-ra go, Singaporean, to my regret actually, but I do think that while many things have to be changed, Singapore is still a great place to be. This is where I want to belong. I may love Malaysia, where some of my roots are and part of my heart is, but this is the place I want to belong. It is always easy to blame and rant, but end of the day, there ARE somethings that are great about this place. If any faults, it's not always the government's fault too.

So, from faith, her explanation that kept my head nodding.. she has her head screwed on firmly on her shoulders, and while not solomon, she's rather wise.

Be objective. Be open-minded. Keep your eyes open. It's easy to point fingers, scold but do nothing about "problems". However, after you take a clear look, ascertain the real culprit, you can solve the problem, and ain't it better than nothing? At least you tried.

Bravo, Faith. I salute you, and God Bless you.

From the post -

I liken my relationship with my country to a marriage. Its not always pretty. There are tough times. Many times I have to sacrifice for my partner. Sometimes, my partner gets it right. But I wouldn't exchange it for the world. Let's face it, everyone's got faults. Why should I trade one set of faults for another? Unless I can live better with the other set. And some people are like that. Australia, New York, London, they claim it's their mecca. When really, they're just happier with those set of faults.

I like it here. I'm not blind. I know it's got flaws. I rather make it work here than run away to complain about it somewhere else. Its easy to diss a country and blame it for all your troubles than to do the real work of fixing up your life.

Or maybe its just The Hubby. Unfazable. Strong. Preferring to focus on what needs to be done, instead of why it can't be done. Which is basically what Colin and Joycelyn did -- they focussed on leaving what they felt was oppressive and made it work in NY.

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