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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Eve About Town

Friends know me as an "Equalist". I stand up for equal rights for both men and women, irregardless of race. "That's a feminist, yawn," you say, but no. To me, if a woman wants to earn the same amount as a man, then she can hold her own shopping bags.

So when I read the New Paper just now with the column "Adam About Town", I wanted to call up Mr Adam and scream "Moron" in his face.

The Government should consider banning:

2) Women who can't cook, sew or iron

Perhaps a pre-wedding examination on these topics needs to be conducted before the wedding can take place to ensure that a women can take proper care of the family. I'm not worried about the husband's welfare. It's the kids that I am concerned about. Cross my heart.

This was the reply I sent to TNP. My friends would know that this is already incredibly mild.

If the column “Adam About Town” indicates that it should be about a caveman in Singapore, please ignore the following, because Mr Adam Hashidy’s view on women in today’s society is truly, to put it nicely, out of date. I’ll try to be nice, and if Adam was a personal friend or my brother, he would be seriously crying after the lecture I put through him.

Not that I do not appreciate his humour (I do enjoy the column week after week), but I guess Adam fixes ALL the things in his house, including the plumbing. I’m sure he makes all his own furniture and fixes all the electrical things in the house, after he harvests the field for the day. Living off the land, isn’t it the way? Wrong era, you say? Money can fix it, you say? So a man’s “handyman” can be outsourced but HORRORS! if a woman can’t cook, sew or iron?

So, a family’s welfare will be compromised if the mother can’t cook, sew or iron? Have you ever heard of shared responsibility? Or does that mean that the man of the house’s role is to prop his feet up after work and watch TV until it’s time to have dinner while the woman slaves over the stove after her also-long-day-at-work?

I bet dating is easy for you, kind sir, all you need is a target and a club to conk them on the head so you can drag them home. “You cook, sew and iron? *Bonk* You’re coming with me!”

Perhaps a pre-wedding examination of stupidity and ignorance should be essential. I can’t promise that Adam can pass though.

Everyone has responsibilities.

I have so much more to say, but I hope that's enough. I hope that you get my point - I'm saying that we all have responsibilities at home - share them. I know that this is "just a column", but when opinions like that are put on a national newspaper, I guess you know they should expect (or perhaps even hope for) reactions.

So a dad's role is just to be there playing with the kids while the mother prepares everything? GET A MAID, at least she's appreciated.

I'm still mad about it.

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Blogger Sibeh Sian complained! (Saturday, September 16, 2006 2:54:00 pm) : 

I can be a wife because I fulfill all the criteria :)


Blogger cynic complained! (Thursday, September 21, 2006 2:57:00 pm) : 

i guess you'll agree with this one then!




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