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It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I've said it before

to some guys, there are only 2 types of girls (figuratively speaking). The "soft spoken, gentle and submitting" type, and the unreasonable kind. Suck monkey's ass la.

I'm definitely not soft spoken or gentle or submitting (like, "oh dear, whatever you say is right") but in my past relationships, I've never insisted I was right. It makes you wonder how friggin small some men's minds are!

Actually, I rarely had fights with my exes. I'm just weird la. I'm not like some girls (and I know some of these personally) where they don't allow the guy to go out (WTF?!), or hang out with his friends, or pursue a money-wasting habit. I may, however, raise objections if the guy is taking drugs, drinking so much that I have to preserve my liver to donate it to him soon, or smoking to a point where I can't stand it. But these are valid objections, because I intend to grow OLD with my man, not be widowed at a young age.

But harlow, if you're in the wrong, frigging apologise, whether you're a female or male! The best friend, however, apologises more than her man, her fault or not. Some people blame the girls all the time. Can you imagine that she had to change all the male names in her phonebook to female names? And I know an equal amount of unreasonable men as women. You may even be one of them. Go blow your mind out.

Relationships were the minor focus of a couple of conversations I had with 2 people yesterday. I was telling them that I don't blame men for not being attracted to me (well, duh) because I'm not the run-of-the-mill long-hair-sweet-smile-maybe-wind-blow-will-fall-over-oh-I-need-someone-to-send-me-home-please-flutter-eyelashes kind of girl. Although I'm peeved that the only men that were attracted to me had no intention of being with me, I can live with that - being myself. I have had phases that I was too vain for myself, and I had to watch my behavior.

If I really like you, I'll go out with you in my tatty berms, no makeup (you guys know what that stuff does to your skin??!! I'll put in on if you put it on too), and I'll burp too. And don't let me hear about the "wear skirt/dress" thing. Wah Lau. Give me an occasion and I'll wear appropiately la! Wah Lau. I'll wear what I want. You don't see me asking you (a figurative you) to wear a tux for a simple dinner at Turquoise Room, ya?

I am an equalist.. haha. I often told other girls that if you want to earn equal pay (which won't happen, because of NS, which the girls didn't have a choice), you bloody well pay for your pak tors too. Wah Lau.

It's no wonder men love me, but just as friends. Hahahahahahahah.

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