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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

double heng!

after that very heng incident, I had another heng incident. As usual, when I don't have class, I took 166 and after that I'll change a bus. I had MSNed Dai Kor before the end of the work day to ask him about having dinner. He called when I was due to change bus. I finished the call and got off the bus. At the moment of getting off the bus, my phone dropped out of my pocket. And bounced on the floor. And dropped into the big drain. And into the water. Now, you know the designs of the big drains outside PSA building? There were the green fences outside it, the "hole" was shoulder high, and the water in a small lower "hole" in the centre of it. The phone dropped there. Imagine my shock! Almost as in in slow-mo! "Oh.... No.....! My.... phone.....!"

A young man, probably in his mid 20s (but then again I am very lousy in gauging age) saw me, and said, "Oh no, bye bye phone!" Now, his tone wasn't taunting. Surprisingly I wasn't very upset by his words. He reminded me a lot about my ex bro-in-law, and it was really really like him. The tone and actions were almost similar! After that I just looked at the phone, face down in the water, dazed. He said, "Can't help you, my bus is here." I think I turned around with a half smile with a face that said "it's alright", but I really can't remember.

I called my brother with my other phone and started telling him about the incident... he was just as helpless as I was. "Cannot go in?" For some reason, I lost my garangness. I think I really doubted my ability to get out. "Like that bo pian loh". Then at this point, that nice young man came from behind me, climbed down and got the phone for me! I was shocked beyond words, I really didn't know what to say. He passed me my phone, climbed out, wiped his hands on his pants, and at this moment I did something incredibly stupid. I saw my bus, uttered thanks, and just went to my bus. Actually I had wanted to go pee at the PSA building, but the stupid phone had to drop. 3rd day wearing this pants, and first time something actually dropped out of it! I remember him saying, as I was looking at the wet phone, "Think cannot liao." I said, "can still repair" to which he replied "too expensive to repair!" I remember smiling and saying "got warranty!" and here I went to my bus. *smack head*

If anyone of you was this young man, or his friend, who helped a girl in a cream jacket, and maroon pinstripe pants outside the PSA building at the bus stop, please email me at rationalneurotic@gmail.com. I would like to treat both you and your companion (the nice lady next to him!) to a meal to give my thanks! Singapore needs more nice people like you. I'm sorry I was just... speechless at that moment to articulate my thankfulness, but really, really, really, thanks... Please contact me!

Double Heng in a week. Wah Lau Eh! Heng ah!

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Blogger mooiness complained! (Wednesday, March 15, 2006 10:55:00 pm) : 

Double "hennnnng" ah! Like that can buy lotto oredi. But then again, maybe you've used up your good luck for the rest of the week. Choi choi choi! :P

At first read your story thought the drains got cover, cannot go in one. I never see before mah. But then find out can do in one, just have to get dirty. :)

Yes very kind young man that you bumped into.


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