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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cherrine Date Show

Ok people, this one is for real. I've got a lovely lady by the name of
Cherrine who's up for a date with, yes, possibly you! (please ignore
'you' if you're a lady, a turd, or really really young or old)

Cherrine's a friend of The Rational Neurotic who's a great friend of
mine. This idea is set up by The Rational Neurotic but the competition
is hosted upon my blog because The Rational Neurotic thinks I have
greater hits. Actually, I think so too, but I'm just being outright

The Lady
Cherrine's a clubber, and she frequents karoakoe pubs.
Cherrine's a NIE trainee at present. It means she has the brains, and we
all do love a lady with a good head on her shoulders, don't we?
Cherrine is 1.62m tall. You need to be at least as tall as her.
You might have fears that 'clubbers are ONS-ers', but The Rational
Neurotic explicitly mentioned that she's "loving, caring and sweet to
her man"
And for a little excitement, Cherrine has her navel pierced.

The Game
Cherrine wants to watch the movie, 'Da Vinci Code', and do dinner.
Tickets for the movie is free-of-charge for the candidate, but dinner's
on the guy. To snag this date, you'll need to do a write-up on why
Cherrine should catch the movie and do dinner with you.
The Rules
1) Tell us about yourself.
-> Its a screening process. Any dishonesty will be reflected after the
whole date. We want to know your (a) age, (b) personality, (c)
occupation, (d) hobbies/interests.
2) Candidates will have to do a write-up on why Cherrine should date
->Convince us. Saying you have a big willy immediately disqualifies you.
3) Send us a recent picture of you.
->Don't lie to us with a picture of you looking all good and shapely in
NS when in actual fact you're one big rolly-polly. Don't forget that
I'll have the details.

Send to?
Your entries will be vetted by me and The Rational Neurotic. Don't
worry, your entries will be kept confidential.
Send your emails and a recent picture to me:
gagreflex at gmail dot com
and The Rational Neurotic:
rationalneurotic at gmail dot com

Cheah Chu Wen

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Blogger Green Ogre complained! (Tuesday, May 23, 2006 2:17:00 pm) : 

Good luck on the auditions, I mean date. I hope that there's omebody nice out there who'll write in and who give your friend a good time. But seriously, I wouldn't hold out high hopes of looking for Prince Charming.


Blogger renegadewhore complained! (Monday, May 29, 2006 9:52:00 pm) : 

me ok?


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