A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Saturday, May 13, 2006

(part one) wouldn't it be nice...

on a personal and not general view... 排名不分上下.

... if ling would finally find a man that truly deserves her and makes her smile, not cry.
... if m would finally realise my existance.
... if s would finally stop 'picking' on w and encourage him more often.
... if samg would finally be together with wr.
... if nincompoop and wife never fight again and live happily ever after.
... if dasao would finally agree to marry kor.
... if sylvy would finally stop getting stressed @ at that shit job she has to do.
... if wj would finally get a job that lets him combine his interest with work.
... if vik would finally settle down with a nice girl.
... if I can finally stop hating myself and my mind and be normal again.
... if chef would finally stop playing politics so I may enjoy a great job in the future.
... if dasao and her colleagues would finally stop doing more OT than normal work time.
... if nincompoop continues blogging.
... if cw would finally really enjoy campus life.
... if fang would finally really enjoy campus life and have her potential discovered.
... if a (da man!) would finally get enough sleep and have his potential discovered (w/ me!).
... if kor can get his needed career boost without going away.
... if ma and pa can stop fighting.
... if pa can do anything he likes and not be so tired all the time.
... if w has a pleasant career path.
... if jie would finally find a man she wants to settle down with, really.
... if BM manages to escape office politics.
... if Ray finally has the life he always wanted (maybe he has).
... if ling manages to have her great potential discovered.
... if teddy gets out of that horrible financial stump.
... if some of the people I call friends, call me a friend too.
... if my cg can truly understand what I am going through.
... if my family can truly understand what I am going through.
... if vik can talk to florence and say to her husband, "my success, in your face!"
... if people in my industry stop being sexist and racist.
... if I can afford to pay rent to my pa.
... if the 6 roomies in our flat can really get along lovingly.
... if the management at my condo fixes some of the older facilities.
... if aric finally gets a job, pay and recognition he deserves.
... if jie finally gets paid much more and can actually handle her finances well.
... if dasao and nincompoop both get the career boost they deserve.
... if linus' wounds heals and never come back.
... if j and b would finally find their plus points together and be happy together.
... if my future company buys over jerry's company.
hahahahaha in your face.
... if my friends start abusing my pad more often.

wouldn't it be nice...

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