A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Monday, September 25, 2006


Is it so hard for us to go back to our previous closeness? Lose a lover, drop a tear. Lose a friend, drop a limb. =(


Maybe, *fu shui nan shou*, but I just want us to be good friends again, like before… all those crap sessions, all those joking, all those teasing, all those friendship.


I only want us to be friends, real friends again.


Can we?

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Blogger Parking Perfectionist complained! (Tuesday, September 26, 2006 1:37:00 pm) : 

If the other party insists on having a clean break where you can't even be friends anymore, then perhaps you should move on. Afterall, there are still no many other fish in this extremely deep, far and wide ocean :)


Blogger freakkler complained! (Tuesday, September 26, 2006 8:09:00 pm) : 

dunch think so. once a 'event' occurs, can't reverse direction already, especially bad ones.
Eg. fight, unexpected 'hurtful' remarks, witnessing an 'unacceptable' behaviour (1st time).

blah blah...Gd luck anyway. Don't hope 2 much.


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