A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Thursday, January 25, 2007

drat, double drat!

I've been spending my time at work (besides working, of course) on the bar and the time at home hypnotised by the Boomerang channel. It really reminded me of all the fine cartoons I saw as a kid!

the ant hill mob from the perils of penelope pitstop

I took Kiwi out for a walk yesterday. She was hesitant, walking slowly at first, then running and stopping, running and stopping. She sniffed deeply at the things she choose to sniff at. I tried to imagine her experience - sniff - intense smells. Isn't it sort of like when we go clubbing and we get overwhelmed with sound? I wanted to tell her, relax, slow down, you have all the time to smell, and all the senses to enjoy, but she continued going up to something - sniff deeply - on and on. I enjoyed watching her do that, letting out her little yelp-squeaks, sometimes with question marks at the end.

I smsed the exboss just now, asking him about the progress of his intended expansion of the business. With a lack of staff he can't do much, he replied. I had referred a friend to him, but she's malaysian and he doesn't give CPF and also he doesn't have enough employees to make up for that number, and locals cost too much "just like me". He had intended for me to work for him before, except I have no interest in that industry (and he's not going retail) and he was intending to pay me the same amount as he did 5 years ago. It was embaressing rejecting him - after all, I did ask him for a job - but that was just too low. Anyways I suggested to him that he might want to hire perhaps some lowly educated (as in formal education) aunties with basic admin skills since that's all he needs (and is paying for), and he comes back with "you very highly educated meh". Talk about sour! He knew that wasn't what I meant. I guess he just felt annoyed because I really couldn't accept that job - it wasn't just the money - and I cannot work at that rate anymore, unless it's what I used to do exactly, running outlets. But back then I was young and naive, and payment is satisfaction was enough. I mean, it's not wrong for me to ask more since I've gathered more experience! There are 40 year olds asking for twice my salary with less than my experience and that's because it's pegged to their previous pay and "they have more working experience". That, he's ok with.

I've got a lot of work to do, but my lazy bones had just been activated! Drat.
For some reason, the connection to the bar is slow! Double Drat!

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