A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Monday, July 25, 2005

How apt

I was just tinkering around with my friendster today while taking a break when I saw this horoscope:

"You're usually quite cooperative with your boss. You may even be the subject of office gossip because of it. So when you back them up, it won't surprise anyone, but you may need to deal with a few raised eyebrows."

After clicking "read more..." this came:

"You've always had a great relationship with your superiors. In fact, they don't often treat you as if they're above you. Most times, you feel as if you're part of a family. That's exactly how you'll feel now when the higher-ups actually come to you for advice. If tongues start to wag, don't be too stressed about it. Everyone needs someone else to talk about. Isn't it really quite a lot of fun to entertain them for a while?"

Why did it not appear when I kenna shit for this senario? Not with just one boss, but quite a few. I am sorta used to being office gossip, and I used to go out with my ex-boss and his wife and would nag at my ex-boss to buy flowers for his wife and stuff. It was fun, being part of the group and when she was pregnant I wanted to be the god-ma but I was way too young to sponsor the kid something.

SKOM had cautioned me time and time again after the outburst happened. I don't know if it's intentional but I do get terribly sensitive if I perceive that a close friend is 'withdrawing'. I do get moody, trying to console myself. Not being free is one thing, not sharing is another. Gone are the days that I would crap on sms with a couple of friends. Some are busy, and I genuinely understand, but the void in the centre is... well... is it a good thing that I like being a hermit now? Just, please, do not say I am not, and throw me into the middle of the social circle and act like I am extremely loved and then turn back and say, "Ya right!"

But then I am happy and content for people like Jarain to be around me. Our friendship was actually built on each other's shit in the office I would think. Now, I like to tease her about wanting to be Chen Da Niang but I know that whatever God plans for her she would accept.

I do realise the drop of standard of language. This is what happens when you cease to blog actively. *laugh* And this always happens: I'll cry a poem of sorts or a lyric to some song and then a few months later I'll be amazed that I can put something together. My 'literary art' is becoming more and more crappy and it has already been tremendously crappy.

Richardson suggested that I should get a site tracker.

‘@’ Piggydives: they are a good tracker...
‘@’ Piggydives: and free too..
‘@’ Piggydives: you can track how many hits ..
‘@’ Piggydives: and where the users comes from.
sideAsideB: what for I want to track..
‘@’ Piggydives: well...u will know who and how they are reading to your blog.
sideAsideB: I am too christian for the normal bloggers and too secular for christians
sideAsideB: hahaha
sideAsideB: what for I want to know..
‘@’ Piggydives: well..
‘@’ Piggydives: u never know..:D
'@' Piggydives: like in my case, for the NKF incident....I logged a record high of 110 unique visitors..

'@' Piggydives: which normally my hits are around 20+
sideAsideB: haha
sideAsideB: great =)
'@' Piggydives: but since then..
'@' Piggydives: it has gone on the rise of 30+ to 50+ per day

I guess I can be bochap. I suspect that a grand total of 10 people read my blog on a good week, ie people like brown and their own friends don't blog. But well.. audience was never the main point. I just blog because I want to. bleah. so there.

Song of the post: Landy and Jay Chou's live version of "Wish me a happy birthday" as heard on www.live365.com

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Blogger fanghui complained! (Friday, July 29, 2005 12:41:00 am) : 

Hallo women.. here's ur kiddy lil' sis dropping by.. haha.. hope u r well at ur new workplace.. hehz.. and i think i look too skinny in ur link to my bloggie.. wahahaha..


Blogger fanghui complained! (Friday, July 29, 2005 12:42:00 am) : 

oOpz.. correction there.. its W.O.M.A.N.
hehz.. sorry..


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