A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Sunday, July 24, 2005

A round tummy makes me happy

I like this photo a lot. Shernice sat next to me for the the Marriot High Tea event that our heads managed to arrange for the department. I am extremely blessed to have colleagues that care about me. Anyways I managed to upgrade my bicycle spare tire that I bring around to one of a monster truck. But it was a happy process... I love Marriot buffets that others pay for. *grin*

I can't blog about Kapas yet because Khae have not posted the pics online due to work commitments. But it's ok... some things cannot be expressed in pictures or words. The experience I had was beautiful. But I'll blog about it when I get the pics.

I rarely watch movies. On Wednesday I watched a movie with yc and gr and the first scene made me dizzy because the camera-man handheld his camera instead. Once I got used to it, the beauty of the film made me suspect it was an artistic piece but after the movie I realised that it was actually a blockbuster in Japan last year. It was really quite well done, and I kinda liked the editing. THIS IS A SPOILER. I really like this photo. This young boy really moved me to tears. I am planning to borrow the chinese translation of the book (It started from a novel, then to a drama serial... and a movie now to top it.) but it's really hard to find. It's always on loan. Anyways, the young boy's acting, the reluctant realisation of reality tugging onto his little heart, that something suddenly found is suddenly lost and he really cannot accept it. The show is very subtle, not at all like Qiong Yao's shows (My sister used to say that Qiong Yao is 每篇小苦,每三篇大哭,每五篇有人死). I thought that my tears started dropping in the middle of the show. However, I realised that it was only 1/3 in. I am not one that is proud of my sentimentality but I really really liked this show. heh.

Really crappy. Trying to start musing again. My muses are either not writing out of laziness or too busy to. Btw, KOM, I am really glad for you, pardon me if I am wrong but you seem much happier nowadays. =) Paiseh hor, I am still so irritating.

The tv plays on aimlessly
trying to fill up the unintended void
I stare at the black sky
Out the little window
The starless sky
replies my unsaid questions
undefined and without parameters
God, what should I do
The little nigging thoughts
nagging and pulling my mind
I shut it out
but they push back
unforgiving and blaming
"no!" I cry
but they do not obey
and they overwhelm me
wrestling me to the ground
"How long more, Lord!
How long will I be beaten
How much longer before
sweet redemption will
ease the heavy heart of mine."
I know His answer will come
if only I am willing
I am, Lord, please
before I drive myself crazy.

And I await
Your sweet reply.

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