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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Weblog Awards - Reason for Brown

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As of 12 Dec 2005, 0010H, Mr Brown's number of votes is 13373***(please read update below) and the next one is 9834! Who's 2nd isn't really important to me.. because Mr Brown really deserves it! Even if I do like Mr Miyagi more... I think Mr Brown really deserves this. Here's why:

1) He's a faithful citizen of Singapore - just had baby Joy in response to our PM's call for more babes!

2) He's a faithful citizen of Singapore - look at his contribution to the National Education!

3) He's the ultimate man - Date Nights every week? Romantic captions? So in love with his missus? And massaging his wife's feet just because he loves her? Chipping in time with his family wisely? This man raises the bar... publicly! MCYS should get him as the marriage and family spokesperson!

4) He still makes time for his friends! - Outings at Hideout? Organising conferences with friends?

5) He may not have the body of a hunk, but he at least runs so regularly! How many men you know do that - trying to keep themselves healthy? Even with 3 children?

6) Besides being a father, a son and a husband (and being brutally honest with it), he's of many other talents: writing newspaper columns, doing podcasts, guest-blogging for his friends...

Who says you can't keep your life after marriage? It's a bonus, and sacrifaces are more like trade-offs - you gain so much!

7) There's so many other factors about him, like offering upgrading to voters (like machiam GE), having such cute kids, being very 'man' about everything in his family...

8) He's just overall very very very swell. Now, be a good person and go vote for him (yes, you, my audience of 7), so I can try to finish up for the day and rest! I got to work tomorrow leh~

Vote! after you read!

trackbacks: http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/3831698But the campaigning must not cease, because as you know, Singapore elections are notorious for having short campaigning periods. So we must make the most of the time we have.

There has been cheating at the Polls. mb is back to 2nd, after both his and xx's fraudalent (by other people) votes have been removed. Some fella actually voted (cheatingly) for mb 7000 plus times! Well, it's kinda extreme, sort of like, "I killed Lennon because I loved him!" So everyone, please be honest and continue to vote for him... honestly. A God-fearing man should win this the honest way, and I guess he's pretty frustrated over the whole thing... no worries mrbrown! Just remain the way you are, and people will click for you!
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