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Monday, August 21, 2006

Who do you dress for?

I've gone to Orchard for a few times these past few months. For one, I hate crowds - I hate going town on weekends, but I didn't have much of a choice of timing, and everywhere's crowded on Sunday.

One thing about Orchard is that many people dress up, so there's lots of things to talk, point, laugh, and shake our heads in hopelessness about. Which brings me to one point - who do we dress for?

The way some people dress, we go "huh?". Some girls dress... not, and feel offended if you glance at them once too many. Then there is the camp that says, "Women only invite men to rape them, the way they dress."

How about me? To be honest, there are days I really heck care, I dress what I want, whether it's totally casual (or totally outlandish for others, like cosplay) and really don't care what people think. There are days I dress up for the occasion, say, a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. There are days where I just feel like dressing up. The 3rd reason is the one where I cannot blame people for looking, isn't it? Got to be fair. The last camp though, is a bit too extreme. It's the same as saying, "You invite people to rob you" by just owning a nice Beemer. Driving a Beemer down a ghetto, however, is plain stupid - like wearing a little more than a bikini down Geylang.

Ask chuwen (notyourusualshit.blogspot.com) the same question, and he'll say, "Everyone - male or female." in not exactly the same words. So how about you?

I'll be talking about this again, soon I hope. There are men who dress for men (like GQ Mag, heterosexual), and men who dress for women, and women who dress for men, and women who dress for women. And then there are the general ones. Personally, the only people that had said I was good looking were women, and although it's supposed to be more flattering, I don't date girls. But my point is that I like to "hide" - if I have a dollar for every time some one comments on my speckys, I can run my own business with full financing and some left to go on vacation to boot. I like my look, and I want my guy to see beyond that, and maybe like my look too. A client asked me to take it off on Saturday, and I refused - it's true, mystery makes me better. Haha. I'll leave it at that, because I've digressed.

Men who dress for men, and women who dress for women - these guys want the observers to think, "Boy I hope I look like him/her!" in the stricter sense. Maybe these are the vain ones, maybe not. I think a Venn Diagram would be great, but also totally confusing. One point that I've noted here is about fingernails of girls - click here. Are men actually attracted to these? These is definitely one area of "beauty" where I find women either do for themselves (personal beauty) or for other girls ("wow, her nails are nice!)

Well, this could be a lot of bullshit. Haha. But I'm going to go into this topic again soon. =) Hopefully soon.

I am still having problems in the fonts for my links, so I'm not going to link unless I tell you to "click here". Check out this blog - click here. I love its reviews, I love local music. Can't indulge in too much Humpback Oak though - I might just start wearing gothic. Haha.

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