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It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Game For Blues

*laugh* I am simply bored and provoked into searching for 'Humpback Oak' when I remembered Botak Chin. haha~ that is really your picture..
I wonder if people using pens are a niche lot nowadays, besides those pen-users who have them free (meaning: FOC from office, wouldn't use it if they could).. could that explain the total lack of advertisements?? But then, it must be a sunset industry.. people rather give thumbdrives and pdas now as gift rather (one too many rahters) than a nice good pen and a nice good notebook. I remember having difficulty looking for nice nice ones cos I just couldn't find a nice fit. I must have 10 over note books in my drawer.. all written halfways.
On the topic of new gagdets, I wonder if the term 'notebook' for a portable computer is due to people realising a 'laptop' burns the legs of someone. I must be an idiot: I actually enjoy the warmth.
I think I am getting old. This is bad. I am getting increasing resistant to new technologies, my learning curve is constant now (very slow, very very slow) and my reaction is very very delayed. I can't think in a straight line anymore. I think my excuse of 'brain not working after 5pm' cannot be used anymore... today I just sprouted nonsense in front of Faye. I am such an idiot.

HalO! My best score was when I played with mike, desmond and annie and actually won the game for the first time. Of course, annie and desmond were busy.. *laugh* he was teaching her how to play. I think I took advantage of that, I kept fragging him haha. But the best part was I won mike.. yapee! *laugh* well.. today played extra shitty. Was at the bottom with 5 frags.. that's FIVE... VC had a wonderful time of asking what went wrong.. yes sir I would like to know too. Need to untrain myself to unrely on radar. After that we played with radar and I realised I was sort of confused haha. The more I play in a row I get slightly better, but that's no excuse.

Have a team dinner this friday. Steamboat at VC's house.. he wants to treat us the whole amount. Quite touched *sob* but nah, I'll stop being a pirate. Hopefully after that go listen to Blue Note with LL.. if not I'll just hang out with the team at a 'coffee that sells beer' house. I got a feeling Mike's gonna complain his 'Man's Night' is ruined.

Keep forgetting what I have on friday night. Another aging point. Think I'll start staring at my Clie every 10 mins now.. if I remember. I don't stare at it enough in the first place, only when I'm bored or I've got work to do on it. I almost agreed to 3 events happening on the same day.

Talking about Man's Night.. feel kinda sad that Clifford is leaving. He's such a nice guy.. at least based on my experiences. Short exposure time, but hey, if you're nice, you're nice. Actually the CSMs are mainly nice people.. but my first good experience with them was when I assigned this agreement that didn't need to be assigned, and they asked me who passed it to me. In my distant memory I was super sure it was Clifford. Horror to my horrors I realised upon checking my records that it was me who took it and just assigned it. Act smart, but realised I'm very stupid and have always been and might always will be. When I told them, they weren't angry but Clifford was like, "You! 50 star jumps now!" in a mocking manner and if I wasn't so relieved I might have thought it was for real.

I have a million thoughts running through my head, but I don't seem to want to put them down, and some I can't seem to catch.. don't know when or where I'll stop.. those that I don't wanna seem to be.. about my studies, about a certain man, about going for drinks with mike, VC and clif and that irritating brown shirt man (too tired to be 激动), about walking off that certain man last night.. about too many stuff.

This is where I get bored/irritated/confused/uncertain of what to say.

Oh, by the way, this started out as a comment to a friend's blog. Don't know if he wants me to tag it though, so I'm not doing that yet. However the more I wrote, the more I felt that I was writing my own. *laugh*

Irritating bitch.. I mean me.. haha~

on a seperate note: Dehua has got dengue. Please pray.. I thought it'll be better soon (well, I always get 'good', 'recovered' from the brothers and sisters (it'll be good if they are truly honest with what's in their life.. it's really sucky when they tell me fine then announce that they had a really tough time, like I ain't 'spiritual' or good enough to know.. bleah.) and then I get news that his liver is swelling. God, this man wants to be so close to Y ou, but please, not yet. I know I ain't in any position to demand or even request, but I know You love us so. And it is written that if we ask anything in Your Name, with faith like a mustard seed, it'll come through. God, please.. just lay Your hands on him and take away his sickness like a wind out to the sea. Use him greatly and this sickness and its healness towards to the salvation of his family.
I have that faith of a mustard seed.. and I know, surely, he'll be healed.
Let Your Will be done! Amen.

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