A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Summer Nights

I almost have forgotton how I love sitting in a car watching the semi-urban, semi-rural villages and towns go by... or the sprawling black canvas with the arrangement of bright sparkling stars with that moon with a smiling face, sending us on our way. The rubber and palm trees lined up in salute, lightly and softly swaying to the wind's persuasive caress. It does make me so peaceful and happy and oblivious to the turmoil around the world. I can sit there and watch forever.. almost. In fact, I was rather disappointed that we reached Ipoh so fast.

Met up with Sim and Khae there. Quite surprised to see Sim.. He's normally harder to find and even harder to pin down... Especially when he is attached. Even lagi surprising was that Nicky called me from KL one day. He said that he wanted to come out with Sim and Khae to Singapore. I really miss these fellas. They are the only people I can say that I sort of 'grown up' with. Fond memories of long talks at Chooi Fun's house, KFC @ Ocean, late night suppers at Wei Sek Kai as we got older.. Also of walks with Lum Lai Kuan and others, talking about life and everything under the sun, sky and moon. This time, Pei Pei and Chong came back also... With Kor and Jie and Andy and these two campers in Ireland and UK, it was really a joyous and happy reunion.. even if it was for one night only. The Gan family reached the next day. Pa and Ma spent up to the weekend there.. I think they really had fun. If I have money, I'll buy a nice house there, rent it to my cousins and leave a couple of rooms for us when we go back. I really love the urban-rural mix, the city with the kampong heart. Perhaps industrially it is a black hole at the moment, but then I love it. I am foreseeing eponential growth in the region.. and if Viktor's company does well, I will force a motion to KL and Ipoh. It is my dream I guess. But I hope Ipoh doesn't change... that much, especially its heart... or the side that is close to my heart. Awfully selfish, ain't I?

Last night the cab I was in nearly contacted with an indian chap in black tee and on a black bicycle in the middle of the one lane 10 metres or less from a right angle junction that we just turned in and absolutely did not see. How to...? VC said another close call. I get very tense nowadays when the car I'm in swerves suddenly. When Pa was driving to Ipoh, I kept waking up once the car swerved. I got so nervous. VC verdict was un-verdicted, but I can't help but have a nagging thought in my head. Though I do not study criminal law, but judging by the way cases are decided, it doesn't look good for him. There will be a verdict because of the cab driver: his insurance needs a verdict to back it up. This would be pursued. I cannot do much besides praying.

I was thinking of writing about my mock exam... But a million thoughts run through my head. Is it due to the lack of sleep or the overdose of coffee and sugar I had recently? I'm watching a million shows at once. Everytime I change the channel, my mood increasely swings with the sounds and images of the tube. Watching "Bringing out the dead" starring Nicholas Cage, and "Two weeks" and "Charlie Angels 2" and "Lost in translation" now. I really wanted to catch the first and the last, I watched Charlie Angels 2 with Samuel I think, and "Two Weeks" was a happy coincidence.

I wonder if romances like that happen in real life.
I identify with Sandra Bullock's character I guess. I really love working, I may moan and scream and groan and complain and stuff, but then I... I guess I like the way that I am useful around.. even for the unuseful stuff. Anyways it was a feel good movie. It was quite nicely done I think.

I wonder if I should get the soundtrack for Lost in Translation. The music seems good. Two weeks is good but it's mainly Norah Jones. Lost in Translation has good shots, a cinematography (did I spell that right?) that is strangely thought provoking. The female lead had a scene in which she gave up trying to do elaborate Japanese Flower Arrangement and sat in her hotel room listening to a discman instead. That shot was............. disturbing. I have no idea why. I've been watching some cartoon channels also. "My wife and kids" is so funny, by the Wayan Brothers, and the Justice League...

I'm going crazy over that song "Summer Nights".. have been hearing this song from Grease over and over. Not that I dislike my other songs, but I'm so............. *sigh*... hahaha~


I don't know what's wrong with me nowadays. I get pissed off with Westin easily. When I told him I had a short fuse that day, he was saying I always have a short fuse. Harlow, not the right thing to say at that time. I find myself tolerating him day by day, and I think it's time for us to draw some space. Perhaps being around each other too much can press on each other's nerves. My temper is really short.. especially nowadays.

The Sardine Room's 4 (that's Westin now.. not me. Jeremy and Westin and Albert and Mandy) is almost all sick. I was sitting on Clifford's space and I felt soooooooooo lonely hearing the laughter inside *laugh*. It was nice sitting next to Steph though, but I must confess that I'm so nervous around her! She's getting so big now, I'm so scared of bumping into her. Back to the Sardine Room.. they are almost all sick.. Jer and Westin and one more.. Can't remember if it's Mandy or Albert. When I told VC he was like "SHIT!" I must confess that I had quite a few laughs. It's gonna happen sooner or later. The pathetic size of the room (which is smaller than Irene or Yukiko's room) just accelerated it.

This blog was started on the 23rd Feb 12:52... Recently I have had this urge but no communication skill. What a nut, eh? What a dumbass, heh heh *laugh* I'm just a crazy idiot. Gonna change the time to now.

I am a mean bitch these days. Perhaps always have been.

Oh, go away.

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Blogger Westin complained! (Sunday, February 27, 2005 3:11:00 pm) : 

If I said anything that seemed insensitive I apologize. If I also did anything wrong I also apologize. If there were moments that I didn't seem to act like a friend who appreciates your recommendation to this company, I also apologize. If I seemed mean and uncaring I'm sorry. If I wasn't serious when I was supposed to be, I'm also sorry. If I didn't act the way I should have acted, apologize for that too. If there were points were I was intrusive and blunt, sorry for that too. If I ever implied that you always have a short fuse, I'm sorry for having made comments too.


Blogger The Rational Neurotic complained! (Sunday, February 27, 2005 10:35:00 pm) : 

hey man..

nah it's not you. you always give your honest opinions. I'm just tired that time and I am so sorry I vented it on you.


Blogger cheahchuwen complained! (Thursday, January 05, 2006 7:08:00 pm) : 

Oh gosh, that reminds me of the farm stay I had in perth in 2000 Dec. I wish I could stay there once I've made enough.


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