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Monday, August 01, 2005

Just in case when I am 90 and have bad memory

I had quite the eventful weekend. I slept until 8am on saturday, and then woke up with a shock, yelling, "Damn shit I am late for work again!" before realising it was a saturday. Funny how that never happens to me on weekdays when I have to work. Then I happily slept until 1pm and lazed around the house until 1.45pm, watching cartoons before I had a nigging feeling that I would be late meeting my best friend, 过分美丽 at 2pm. (Btw this nick was given by my cousin who used this four words for her phone book entry of her name.)

We had nooch at Citylink with her friend and whoa, does the service suck or does the service suck! Her black pepper beef udon came with the meat cold and I informed one of the staff. He said, "really?" like as if that was not of any interest to him which brought my reply of "you want to taste it?" When he replied no, he then leaned forward with his hands on the edge of our table and said, "so what you want us to do" in a manner that meant "so what?" I was trying to be a nice girl that day so I tried not to bring out the "you say that again? what kind of #$%^&* service is this @#$%^&*!!!!" girl in me. I replied, "I don't think it's supposed to be cold," and he said that he'll swap a dish for us. Now, we have been waiting for our food for at least 20 mins with quite a sparse crowd sharing the place and we were starving so we declined, stressing that we were really very hungry. He had the courtesy to say it'll be out in only 5 mins, and I couldn't resist, so I challenged, "ok, I'll time you. 5 mins or you'll ... (some feeble threat that I cannot remember... I probably said you'll get it from me or something like that)" His reaction was rather interesting... it was a loud "WAH!" The food came in 3 minutes, which made me wonder what the heck were they really doing in the kitchen, bringing out the food so cold? But that's not really my business, I didn't really have the energy to probe so I just let it go. They didn't top up our ice-water, which wasn't a problem, but when I asked the same server to top it up, he brought just ONE cup of ice water and placed it next to my empty cup and walked off. I was quite shocked and really irritated, but he wasn't rude at that moment of time, just not polite. I wouldn't hire him for sure, there's no service heart inside. On the other hand, another guy (with a really deep voice) was really nice, to the point that when I dropped my phone under the table to the other side, he picked it up as he was passing by at that time (no, you te-ko, 过分美丽 was NOT wearing a skirt that day, in fact none of us did. He was trying to be a good server, ok?) Hey if anyone from Nooch is reading this, an apology will suffice, because I will never go back there as a customer again, paying or not, if I can help it.

After that we shopped around and I managed to get my jacket and shoes while 过分美丽 managed to get a nice piece of essentials. Her friend left for home to take care of her kid then and we decided to forgo the binge feast at marche. So we ended up at some pub at Selegie, with rather bad service (but hey, it's a karaoke pub. equals rarely known for Raffles Hotel service standards) but I liked the fact that they had some quite ulu songs that I couldn't find in most family-karaoke places. We left when The Green Girl couldn't meet us up. To cut short, we went for dinner at the Kopitiam and after ended up in some other pub in Club Street that the Tribal Loner was at, after the taxi driver brought us to Craig Road and insisted it was the same, the very one I told him. *smack head* then he drove around for a dollar or more before exclaiming, "I don't know where leh!" Obviously I was quite irritated, but then, like I said, I wanted to be a nice girl on that day, so I only allowed myself a "if you don't know you should have said so earlier." I had to call the Tribal Loner before we managed to reach, and the taxi driver charged us the full amount. At that moment, in my mind a mantra was repeating, "Tahan, tahan, tahan, tahan..."

The Tribal Loner and us go a long way back but I'll spare the details. We hung around, talked a bit, feasted our eyes on the only other not-bad-looking guy inside but it got boring after a while. When we wanted to leave, the Tribal Loner just brought us more alcohol and said that the Dao Policeman was on his way. Now, the Dao Policeman and I had sort of a weird thing going on for a week or two a long time ago, and I was not desperately keen to see him but 过分美丽 couldn't recall his face so we stayed on a while more. He came, sat at one side and of course, as his name suggested, was quite Dao. By then Mr Bed was missing me and I missed him too so I suggested we leave.. and the Tribal Loner was too busy to stop us. *grin*

By the way, I drank quite little, and puked out my Beef Thin Rice Noodles from Nooch and the Kway Chap from Kopitiam at home, complete with bits of undigested noodles and a lot of oil. This is what happens when you don't drink for 10 months and then try to da the Tribal Loner. I am glad it wasn't the ABC Market Boy or The Green Girl I was da-ing cos I will be in hospital by then.

I was up fully by 10am today and was determined to have breakfast with my dad. After all the OT alternating with various afterexam celebrations and CG meetings, I had not had dinner with him for a long while. We used to call each other around 6 plus or 7 plus, depending on who was free earlier, asking each other what he/she wanted to have for dinner. Then the caller would tabao home and we would eat our dinner in front of the tv, commenting and critisizing the tv's contents for the night. Mostly we don't talk much actually. Today mum left with my aunt, so I had some nice one-on-ones with my Dearest Daddy. We chatted a bit, he updated me with some happenings from his work, and then we both agreed on the dismal taste of the Killiney Kopitiam at Bukit Timah for that breakfast. I passed my aunt's kids (the lovely M&Ms) their food and then Dearest Daddy went to buy supplies at Popular while I got new reads from the nlb. I managed to borrow 在世界中心呼喊爱情, the hong kong translation of the book adapted from the movie I liked so much. The movie deviates from the book and made me gian for the drama serial, though I ain't sure if I can get it in SG.

I met my colleagues at 2 plus at IMM, and we ate cake before shopping around. We ended up having dinner at JP after shopping around some more. It was quite fun, just meeting out like that with them. I had quite a lot of laughs and I am always surprised that they don't hate me yet, such an irritating brat that I must be. They are really honestly such good friends who stood by me. I also bumped into the Japanese Beauty and the Smart Specky from JC, though separately. Back home, I watched Something's Gotta Give with Daddy Dearest and both of us loved the movie.

That sums up my eventful weekend. =) Boring to you, but when I am 90 and have a lousier memory than now (which is already very very lousy... say, what was your name again?) I will be thankful for such a naggy post *laughs*

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Blogger fanghui complained! (Friday, August 05, 2005 1:11:00 am) : 


Heyhey.. i think i like u to put this as the link to my blog.. hehez..


Blogger Sandy complained! (Saturday, August 06, 2005 2:09:00 am) : 

hahaha... nice hanging out time you have there... just started me thinking and missing some of my dear frenz... I have neglected many of them... Gotta make time to meet up with pals... and family... :)

Thanks for sharing... have been itching to read your next post for some time already man! hahaha :)


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