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It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Friday, October 28, 2005


typical conversation between me and Nincompoop:

Me: Eh
N: What
Me: Busy ah
N: Ya
Me: Ok

Five minutes later, driven by boredom.

Me: Eh
N: What
Me: Still busy ah
N: Of course la. Where got so free like you.
Me: ok ok don't disturb you.

Yet another five minutes..

Me: Eh
N: What
Me: Why no blog?
N: Where got time?
Me: Ten minutes only what.
N: No time la.
Me: wle blog leh
N: ok ok got time I blog
Me: when?
N: don't know
Me: wle blog only leh
N: aiyah, read yours can liao.
Me: Not the same! I got no fodder to read liao.
N: Go read brown or what
Me: *sob* just a post leh
N: okok

Repeat this twice a week.

For this post, I was going through the old conversation history of the MSN between Nincompoop and me. Much of it was during the break I took to cram for my exams. Really miss all the great conversations and suannings.. Then I started reading my conversation history with the Green XBox Man. It was quite fun reading all the dynamics. A typical conversation between the Green XBox Man and me will now be something like this.

Me: Yo
GXM: yo
Me: busy?
GXM: ok la.
Me: So how's life?
GXM: I gtg.


Me: heya

Ah well.
I've been seeing a lot of my buddies. Dai Kor, Nincompoop, Supanova, The Faithful Non-boyfriend, The Chubby Singer, The Hiao Boy, and now, my JC jiemei. All male, by the way. Makes me wonder if it's going to be time up for me soon and He's just being kind. I tend to possess the most suffocating paranoia ever, and I just told HappyBee that no matter what life still has to go on. And I love you all!

A lot of friends have been going through bad patches. Do keep them in mind.
Dai Kor - Ministry disappointment, certain BGR problems, family's lack of support and career decision deadlocks
Nincompoop - Family unity, marital unity and less problems at work.
The Chubby Singer - That the problems in his choir will be solved.
the Hiao Boy - I guess God knows best for this one.
JC Jiemei - to sort out his feelings and making sure the decisions are right.

Ok I've got a million things to do on my laptop: reload my driver for the pocketpc keyboard, reload my creative hardware and sync them with my micro, finish the proposal for tkh and then for the tee shirt thingey. On the other hand, I am supposed to do packing now.

But I am sleepy... I am yawning. Hope I can wake up again.

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