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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why are we killing each other?

He makes a good point. I don't know about othe faiths, but when I hear of the Christian-Muslim fights in Indonesia, some being started by Christians (here, meaning of salvation in Christ - both Catholics and Protestants), I want to tell them this and this.

Dai Kor:

"If I were this God that they worship, I would be indeed sad to see how these various faction of the faith is denouncing each other and attempting to convert ,if not kill, each other.

If one to sit down and play more attention to the spiritual political environment around us, do we see the Buddhist waging wars against Christians or Muslims? Or even the Hindus against the Buddhist? All the major conflicts out are stems from the same groups of people, here in known as the People of the Book.

If Peace is what we are trying to achieve, then why are the people of the book waging terrors against themselves and others? Let's not quote from the Holy Books here. I believe God has his own purpose for allowing things to happen."

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Blogger draco_malfoy!!!! complained! (Tuesday, November 08, 2005 5:29:00 pm) : 

It's a shame, really. Yet again, we could see a lot of such persecutions in Middle-Eastern European history, such as the crusades in the 11-14th centuries whereby Christians massacred Muslims for greater dominance over territories and the whatnots. There will always be black sheep in any community in any era. I guess there's a fine line between faith and fanaticism. :-)


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