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Saturday, October 07, 2006



Can't stand it. I've been having pain at my right flank, on and off, and was quite worried that it was appendicitis, but it went away when I started working. Now it's back. I had this pain before 2 years back but my doctor clarified that it wasn't appendicitis - he said that when you press down on it and it doesn't hurt, then it isn't. But now when I press down, it does hurt.

It's so frustrating to have these phantom pains - pains that doctors just shrug aside and say it's muscle pain/stress/etc. House MD comes to mind - he's a cripple because they couldn't detect why his leg was aching.

One good thing is that my heart stopped aching a lot. That really gave me a shock. I hate it when doctors just look into my history and say, "Oh you have GAD" and list everything as paranoia. They look at me like an irritant. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean these are not happening. Seriously, if I happen to have any problem that they should have detected through routine checks, I will sue loh. One doc refused me an ECG. I mean, I understand that perhaps I may be anxious, but anyone who has sudden heart aches that recur on a daily basis would be nervous! It's a natural reaction. It's like saying that when a depressed (clinically) person goes through a heart break, her sadness is just her condition.

And oh, by the way, none of us wants to have these conditions. It's horribly disruptive, and it's takes over our lives more than you think.

But I really wish the pain would just go away, or if there's really something wrong with me, quick, be found!

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Blogger Phantom Prospero complained! (Tuesday, October 10, 2006 4:34:00 pm) : 

Hope you are better now :)


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