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It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

how some people can be evil

growing up I was kenna naive and innocent, so I could never understand how someone would want to intentionally hurt someone else - yes, I did tell on my sister, but I didn't always feel smug or gratified when I did, in fact I often offered to share punishment: my point was always that something was wrong, not that she did something wrong.

When I grew older my mean streak grew, but most of the time I never really want the person to feel that bad. Perhaps I'll just suan them (and get suaned back). I remember my first taste of really 'hurting' someone and shocked that I savoured it. I guess I'm not so innocent and kind.

And everyone knows that in blogging, there are people who aim to insult. I mean, fine, if you're so bored, what can we do? Blinkymummy was one person that had to tahan that.

There was a mini insult marathon on my friend's blog. I cannot understand how someone can pointedly wish that another's unborn would be a stillborn. If you hate the person so much, go ahead and insult her, but the baby's innocent.

The most shocking thing is that the offending party is a mother too. I pity her kids.

At least when xx insults someone, she leaves her name behind. Have you ever wondered why most of these people are anonymous commenters? Oh wait, they don't have a blog? At the rate that some of them go, it's not surprising - they spend all their time on other's people's blogs, hoping to see some response. It's like one of those bully things from school, but there's a difference. These people are cowards. I remember an Enid Blyton story where children will look into a mirror and it'll reflect their real reflection back (the magic mirror). I also remember one reflection was a rat, and the mirror owner said, "You are the worst kind. You'll bully the ones smaller than you but am afraid of those bigger than you." or something. These people are like these, and you'll be really surprised at it: they'll comment on how wrong others are, wish their unborn retarded, and when the same is reflected, cry bloody murder, perhaps, because, the others deserved it and they didn't.

In the first place they don't even read properly before jumping to conclusions. I've done that. Once you're caught bluffing in that sense, you'll try to cover your tracks and do even more stupid stuff. It's never ending.

It's easy to admit that someone is wrong, just as long the person is not yourself.

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Anonymous Anonymous complained! (Thursday, December 14, 2006 9:03:00 am) : 

I've read the comments. Some of them are quite nasty.

Though sometimes, you just have to shrug it off. The viscicitudes of the Internet.


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