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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

wolf in sheep's clothing

please don't say you're a model agency if...

...as talents, models and some would double up as social escorts. They are available for business and leisure.

It continues:

Our girls are educated and speak well. The selection criteria are very stringent like any other modeling agency. The girls’ poise, beauty, charisma, fitness and ability to converse well are taken into account. We also look at the girl’s warmth, courtesy, friendliness, ambition and background. Any hint that a girl may cause any embarrassment or dissatisfaction to our clients at any time is out rightly rejected.

We hire girls who have every reason to be 100% discreet because they are either students or with professional careers and we train them to cater to the whims and fancies of a gentleman. Each one of our stunning and sophisticated girl is a young girl, fully committed to ensuring that the time you spend with her is most fulfilling.

Just say you're pimping out whores, stop trying to look so atas.

Escort Services

Some of our models and talents choose to keep important clients companion with the highest confidentiality and secrecy. Only very attractive individuals and those with fantastic attitude are allowed to do escort assignments

Gift Bookings
Need to entertain an important guest or client? The company and our escorts place high emphasis on attentiveness and service quality to our clients. They are trained to deal with and fit into all sorts of social business settings.

Breaks and Vacations
Taking a few days break, a week or more vacation? Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss options. All of our escorts have current passports and are available for international travel.

Evening and Overnight
You want a to spend an evening at the theatre or a concert and have private time after that, or simply wish to have a gorgeous girl keep you company in you room overnight.

And the most outrageous of this "Talent and Model Agency":
Escort Rates - Price indicated includes all other service charges. No other hidden or extra charges for anything that happens behind closed doors.

If that's not whoring, I don't know what is.

Does your company sell sex?
We do not sell sex. Our services are meant for adult entertainment. Whatever agreed & consented are between 2 adults of legal age and money exchanged is for companionship only.

It's agencies (and some 'employees') like this that give modelling a bad name, and shame or force some girls into "social escorting" due to some contract shit. By the way, if you were duped into signing some contract, you can rescind it. Don't say, "oh what to do, you think the police will care?" before you actually try it.

By the way, if all you're doing is persuading people to buy beer, don't call yourself a model. You're just an atas salesgirl. They may be clotheshorses, but at least they work hard for that.

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