A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Monday, August 22, 2005


So Chelsea beat Arsenal. SKOM's sad and I'm almost sorry I predicted correctly. But we really can't do anything if Mourinho keeps on buying and buying and buying. SKOM thinks Man U might be the team to beat them and I am sure Long Ge thinks so too, but their performance has not been consistent (at the risk of being torched by ManU fans). Man U does have the habit of winning crucial matches like last year's Arsenal's record breaker.

So my ankle could be gone forever. The swelling has increased again although there's no pain in walking. Eu Yan Seng's docs are quacks and go ahead and sue me because part of my ankle's problems come from that quack from Jurong East. I let my own doc see me last Sunday and the week was much better but I don't have time to go own for a follow up. I'll let him take a look maybe Wednesday.

So I've left That Company That I Like For Halo And Other Games Only (TCTILHAOGO). It was a joy, with my boss's boss getting more and more stiffnecked. She tightened the requirements for a CS and #$%^&* thinks that CS are cows: we wake up, eat, plow the field, eat, plow the field, get milked, plow the field and when we're too tired, we get pulled by the nose and whipped on our backs. No carrot to speak of here, just sticks. It's like a friggin communist state, almost Dictatorship. And when we are too old and tired that we can't even be pulled, the ranch owners have a nice steak to speak of.

So now I have to dress up everyday and get a shock in the mirror when I see my sister staring back at me. I miss her, but when I look like her (sans the petite figure) in her clothes, I realise that I've never looked like her more. Not that it's a bad thing, she's quite sexy, but I miss the old me already. I actually saw some pearls and thought that they might look nice on me. Also, I saw some girly tops that I never thought I'll like. This is it, man.. I got to stop this nonsense. *laugh* but sadly all my tank tops are too casual for work, I had to buy new ones. My colleagues (just 2 of them) are nice people, one modern methodist, the other a girl my age. I have to work a lot harder from now on, since I have the "flexible" timing I couldn't get in TCTILHAOGO. And I like it, I can get used to having the chance to walk around, get to know people, helping their businesses grow. A more stable alternative to the F&B freelance I had.

So I actually got fed up with the membership thing in Hope again. I am seriously wondering if this is the right church for me. JR doesn't have this problem with her membership so it should be me. God, please work my defenses down. I want to obey You.

So I've grown more bochap. That's scary, because I no longer even bother to tell off rude salespeople who ignored me when I was dressed down at Isetan (Wisma) and Metro (Paragon). Ettusais was nice to attend to me but Tony and Tina just ignored me when I was just in front of her discussing with my friend the differences of Tony and Tina to other brands. Go back to your magazine, will you? I will not tahan this nonsense any longer. Service staff that pick their customers, beware. the Rational Neurotic is on the prowl. I will, I repeat, I WILL get you.

So I couldn't shave my head for charity. If I still was at TCTILHAOGO I would, and my best friend is quite glad I wasn't. She was rather afraid I'll just go up and do it. Well, to raise funds and get a really lasting haircut, that's a double whammy.

So the 3rd string broke again before I could play any song. And the 3rd string is in fact the 4th string (that caused me to buy the wrong string). I managed to get my kid cousin (who's really pretty and smart) to jam with us (soon) and she'll play the keyboards. SKOM, song chords heads up quick.

So... I'm really lazy nowadays. So dear Fang, I'll change the pic soon. Don't kill me.

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