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It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Turn Key

The 3 of us in the office each have keys to the doors. The only difference is that my boss has the front door key and my colleague and I have the back door keys. These keys are not the kind where you could anyhow anyhow copy, but the kinds where you say "shit I have to pay this #$%^& high amount of money to duplicate it" when you lose it. Hence, we could not take the front door keys since the keys are all in limited supply. Now, I don't really mind exiting from the back door although my colleague says it's "one kind". There's a guy next door that's cute enough for eye candy but I'm sick and tired of dating men that smoke marlboro lights. Record number of them were involved or almost were involved with me.

The back door's lock have had problems before. A couple of times it jammed up and we couldn't do anything but to try again and again. Normally we only have problems going out, it has not jammed on us coming back yet (Must be our Big Boss's telepathic control of the devices in the office) but we're not counting on that. Today, it jammed up as I was leaving. The last few times that it jammed, I was with my colleague but this time I was alone.

I was already in a lousy mood, and then you know when it rains it pours, so the lock had to jam up on me. I was cussing "@#$%^& quick I got @#$%^&*( class" but somehow it doesn't speak my dialect. I gave up and went inside the office to sit, angry and irritated. And then a thought came to me (or you could say God spoke to me, although I didn't hear a distinctive voice, but you know what I mean), I got to give it to God.

Well... sometimes when things don't work out, we pray, it gets sorted out, Hallelujah, but that's only for the non-technical stuff that we can see straight away beyond us. Somehow, we never let God rule and take charge of all the situations we have, limiting our willingness to receive help on only those that we can foresee needing extra pushing. We forget, that in every single living on this world, is subject to Him. ie, He must take care of these issues.

So I gave it to God. Previously I told him that if I could lock it I'll not go in and switch off the lights (it's always dark inside so needed to switch them on all the time). To further demostrate the faith I held in my hands, I just switched the lights out and tried again. No, it couldn't work, so I flipped the key (the wrong side) and stuck it into the hole and wiggled it a little, and then flipped back and it was a miracle: it locked.

To you it may seem like such a tiny little thing, but to me I knew it was a miracle as the lock was jammed for sure. Little miracles to sweeten my days. Moral of the Story: when you give up to God, God looks out for you.

He's the 大哥大 that takes care of his 小弟s well. And I'm going to try to give it all up so He can guide me.

I'm also drowsy and not really sober so I have an excuse for lousy writing today haha =) and short too. Cheerios.

Update 22 Sept 05: The door jammed as I tried to come in this morning.. how's that for verification! When we have faith, we can move mountains. =)

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