A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Saturday, January 28, 2006

off to the land of the beautiful stars

I'm off to my parents home land! See you guys next week.. But I will blog if I've got time and access to the net. For my friends, you can get me at my day number. Call, both can, but if you call me for boliao stuff, I'll kill you... Happy CNY!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

meme first

Hands up those who call this a mi-mi. I'm quite glad I'm not the only one: BM also thought so. Anyways, being a nice kind soul, the laundry girl tagged me. By the way, she also happens to be a good friend of my sister's. I feel so sorry for her.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:

admin asst in Komatsu Asia-Pacific (forgot it's pac-asia or asia-pac) - 16 year old job before start of JC
cashier then to asst manager at BHS's Bistro (hi vik!)
F&B consultant - freelance (gone are the good days)
corporate sales in the advertising/tourism industry - have to deal with people like this

Four movies you could watch over and over:

stephen chow's old movies especially his classics like chinese odyssey (here also) and Flirting Scholar
tony leung's movies - even the old rom-coms and others (eg here and here)
anything with daniel wu in it
the woodsman - but quite traumatising.

sorry la. nothing "deep" in it. I don't philosophise in movies.

Four places you've lived in:

erm... I've only stayed in Singapore sans Ipoh for hols. Haha.
Jurong East St 21
Jurong East St 13
Turf City hostel

Four TV shows you love(d) to watch:

My Wife and Kids
The Nanny

Bonus! Justice League of America! (also the comics - the old one - RAWKS!>

Four places you’ve been on vacation:

Pulau Kapas - Trengganu, Malaysia
Australia - Gold Coast and whereelseIforgot - on a band camp
USA - LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas and forgotwhereelse when I was 12 I think. Or somewhere there. First time on a plane, and it was 22 hours. If not for Tetris handhelds and the entertainment system I would have gone mad. Went to disney, etc. Scariest experience was when I banged into a African-American and he said "Fuck Off!". I forget if he said Chink at the back. Haha.
China - Beijing, TianJin, and IthinkIhavesuperbadmemory. The year after the USA trip.

Four websites you visit daily:

yellowpages/streetdirectory.com/visitsingapore for work

Bonus! Comics! Daily! Updated! I love this site.

Four of your favourite foods:

Ipoh's Wanton Mee - very different. very very good.
Ipoh's Kaya/Curry Luo Mi Fan - very different. very very good.
My dad's prawn porridge and his steaks/western - I grew up smelling the prawn porridge he cooked on sundays. The smell.. is something I hope my kids will grow up to miss. He stopped cooking it sometime when my bro grew up I think. And for a period of time, he was into steaks, potatos and french beans. It was VERY VERY good. Then he moved into salads, and other stuff. Haha. Still very good. Too bad he's always too tired now, too manly to cook for his growing up/grown up children (children as in the relation, not the age).
Japanese Food - I do not believe I can ever, ever be bored of Japanese food. Udon, Sashimi, Tempura. Some of my favourite things - and the citerion I use to decide on a good japanese food place. The udon at the Raffles City foodcourt is actually not bad, and I'm a big eater, but I can be satisfied by just ONE bowl, with no other stuff inside. That's good. Filling enough. Doesn't betray it's origins. A bit too oily though.

Four places you would rather be:

Now? Ok...
Shopping with my sister (or watching her shop)
Hanging out with my best friend (but she refuses to hang out with me, that ingrate ;p got boyfriend, abandon best friend. Sigh.)
Doing nothing/trying to study (kidding myself) at home
For later: Going for reunion dinner with my unit, instead of class, even though Anil is damn good and I enjoy the lesson.

Bonus! Outrageous one: being fed the freshest sashimi by my hubby in a seaside inn in a small seaside town in Japanese - sashimi so fresh, it was just caught.
Bonus!2 Even if I enjoy work (not bad lar, huh), in Vik's cafe, making new recipes! (hear that? loyal hor)

Four tagged:

chuwenchuwenchuwenchuwen (then you tag currytan, ok?)
sandy (then you tag cc and edwin ok? haha)
the other lee - my lovely godsis
the greenxboxman. oh wait, he doesn't have a blog. doesn't stop me though. haha. while I'm at it, NINCOMPOOP! BLOG! BLOG! BLOG! (no updates one, considered only ONE tag. Haha. The RN rule.)
Bonus! Maybe I should tag laundry girl again. Haha. See her spurt vile nonsense on me then. Haha.

update: nincompoop's reaction when told of the tag - "wah lau eh. boliao."

*sniff sniff*

youse heard that? YOU THE CREATOR OF THIS MEME!

wah lau. I really damn boliao.

comics 26 Jan 06 - just a short one

eat shit, you bitch

I cannot blog about work. But, I need to vent this thing off.


"Oh, no room for negotiation?" *stands up, turns, and leaves. With back towards me, "Nice to meet you."

BITCH BITCH BITCH I HOPE YOU DAMN SHIT CHOKE ON YOUR SALIVA. I HOPE THE DAMN WHOLE AGENCY CLOSES DOWN, YOU INCOMPETENT ASSHOLES. Fact: They handle a couple of my clients. And all the time, shit happens. Mishandling. Grossly. I feel sorry for my clients. Especially this new one. Damn it. Damn it.


argh, I am so going to get counselling from CC/GR.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

comics 25 Jan 06 - then again..

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

comics 24 Jan 06 - working daze 2

comics 24 Jan 06 - so it continues

Sunday, January 22, 2006

age changes someone

Time for my weekly rant.

I was just telling someone that day that I think I've mellowed. Not that I like it. I used to be pretty leftist and now I'm just thinking... oh whatever. I still believe in opposition, because it's a good way to keep a government on their toes. Not all ruling parties win even if they restrict the opposition - check out KMT and DPP when KMT was the ruling party in Taiwan. Granted that Taiwan's citizens are a lot more liberal, but I'm saying that if the opposition wanted to win, they have to show that they care about us, the Singaporeans, not just bringing down the PAP. Because ranting "you have to vote for us just not to vote for the PAP" is not going to work. Check out Chiam See Tong - he cares, so Potong Pasir (who should have been granted a upgrade long ago, but that's another story) keeps voting for him. If these people in Potong Pasir vote for PAP just because of a friggin' upgrade then they need to clear their heads. But however, if they vote according to their rationale (all the stuff together), then it might be a close fight. See, if all those opposition fight the ruling party like how the PAP is trying to win over Potong Pasir, then we would have a much bigger fight. People say that Singapore is too small for an opposition, but of course in a group of 3 people, 1 might not agree with 2, and that is your opposition. And this one person saying no might make the whole group better, not by taking over the group at times but by raising issues out. And Singapore, alike USA, is an immigrant city. Our forefathers came here to make a better living. We are by asian more conservative. Ever watched I, Robot? It's a bit like this I guess. Man kill our own kind. But would we want to trade off freedom for less crime? Or crime for our freedom? Is there a trade off?

Thinking is good for me. Keeps the aging brain moving, you know. See how the limited brain power has evolved my original point into something almost different?

Anyways, I, Robot is a damn good show. Totally like it. But I normally like most shows I see - I see quite little shows haha.

The other thing about age that changed me was my attitude on Love. Of course I can never be like Blinkymummy although I think sometimes her heart rules her head some of the time too. But I was facing this question on a web quiz: would it hurt you more if someone physically cheated on you or if he/she fell in love with someone else?

If it was me 2 years back, I'll definitely say if they loved someone else. But it got me thinking. It IS possible to fall in love with someone else while committed to someone. Of course, some would even commit themselves to 2 people. I remember once I told my ex (who was still with me then) that if he wanted sex, he could well go and get a hooker with 2 conditions - no taking any diseases home, no leaving his heart there. I said that since I can't give you what you want, why should I stop you? But of course you can't stop me if you can't give me what I want - like when I want to have lengthy discussions with my friends outside you can't stop me. But when I was grazing at the question, I was stuck. Going a step further, whether it's a kiss, physical intimacy, overcaring (you have to numb oneself I guess), to translate the love into something else is worse than just being in love. If my husband loved someone else, I could accept it, of course, that he try to get over it. It'll probably be a rethink time for our relationship. But if he had an affair with someone, making love with another woman.... I might lose it. Of course that doesn't count if there was no love involved. Of course, let's not bring the Bible into it yet. But would I really do?

I've been the 3rd party many times. Not once I felt good, but I liked the man so much. Other times I didn't really care he was attached/married. Mostly I liked the fact that it wouldn't go on forever. Casanovas were good for me because we both knew it'll be short and he could always look me up to complain about stuff he couldn't talk to other girls about. I'm still in contact with a couple of them. There were some I really liked but nothing really happened. After I returned to Christ, I really couldn't go on that kind of life - it was so empty for me. Of course it's nice to have companionship. Sometimes we meet up just to talk and laugh, but they are normally so busy as before and I don't have that kind of disposable income to go meet them at where they are anymore. They always loved me for my fierce independence - now I'm happy for a dinner treat, although I'll love to buy dinner back! But I digress.

My point is... what is my point? I really don't know. I wouldn't know how I'll react to my husband loving someone else. At some point, if he told me he ever flirted with someone else out of fondness, it's really ok - for now, but then I don't have a husband now. Because I might do the exact same thing. But if he slept with someone... then it might be different. Middle ground? Kiss? Probably serious rethinking as a couple but I'll not give up on him. I'm fairly ok with this kind of things, still have only once in my life experienced true jealousy with my ex. Of course, just cursing the object of the affections of MY object of affections is just normal haha. Just kidding - don't slap more counselling on me CC!

But I digress.

"I believe there's a hero in all of us." - Aunt Mary in Spiderman

Thursday, January 19, 2006

comics 19 Jan - Working Daze special 1

link here

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


*jump jump jump*

Vicky's back!

*jump jump jump*

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

oh you all, stop it already

just realised... whole blogs are built on xx. Congrats, xx.. all your "detractors" are "obsessed" with bringing you down.. because some of these very good writers analyse what you write and say. Of course, they have more logic and are objective, giving credit where it's due but... my point is...

Don't like it, don't read it loh.

Reading something you dislike (esp a blog) ALL THE TIME is like waiting to rip everything the person says. So if xx does close down one day, where would these people go? Celebrate then say "my destiny is fulfilled?" Ya, go ahead and comment, but touch and go (and not only one) la.

Oh, by the way, xx, I think you should be a nice person in real life. A piece of advice: it's easy to be consumed by anger and hate, and it sort of runs on itself. Just don't do anything you will regret 10 years down the road. The issue at hand is always more important than the factors around it.

Also, insulting someone by age is really stupid, because you will grow old one day. And personally, I don't agree with everything people write, but PERSONAL ATTACKS just show your maturity (or there lack of). Of course, this applies to everyone. Calling someone "l****face" just screams of stupidity, whoever who named her that.

And this concludes my first and most possibly last (hopefully too) on xx. Poor poor girl. See a bit of myoldself in her. See a bit of my(new)self in her too. I think everyone has a tendency to be like her, and some are already (with just different writing style), but she is just the one amongst us "normal folks" bringing it to an extreme. Like I said, I'm sure she's a nice person to her family and friends, writing seems to amplify everyone's extremes (a friend said I seem depressed all the time - I am not!), so everyone, STOP TAKING IT SO SERIOUSLY! Readers too!

Loyalties should NEVER take precedence over logic and common sense. Then again, Albert E. the genius said, "Common sense is a set of prejudice collected by age 18."

comics 17 Jan - Rose is Rose, Rudy Park and Raising Duncan

Monday, January 16, 2006

comics 16 Jan - my cats must brush their teeth!