A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mid Autumn

I've been reading The Sitckgal's adventures, and sometimes I wonder if I'm the one drawing them in a schizophrenic frenzy. It seems to totally understand how I feel, and even the silly feelings where friends say, "siao ah."

hasn't been a big deal for me ever since I started being a teen. The first year that I started working, I didn't really even notice it. The 2nd year, I don't remember. The third year I called R. It was a desperate, lonely attempt. He was the first guy that I "wasn't" with. The conversation went something like this.

"RN ah?"
"Ya... how are you?"
"Fine loh."
"You never go out ah? Mid Autumn leh."
"No. You?"
"No... going home now."
"So how has life been?"
here, it dawns upon him I'm not calling for anything but to chat.
"Eh, I can't chat leh. Not free."

I got the hint. I felt that the girl was next to him. It could have been me.

I'm quite homely. I like being single sometimes. I can be alone. I can stay home alone. But the reason why I always ask my friends out is that I haven't gone out at all! So, if I'm asking you out week after week, it's the same invitation postponed. And sometimes, I need "fresh air". If I can understand it when it comes from you, why can't you understand it when it comes from me? But I digress.

The year after that, I spent midautumn with my brother (+gf) and sister (+bf) at my sister's place. Hooray on being the odd numbered again. I had fun but it really sucks after a while and it'll rattle on my nerves when the 2 couples gaze into each others' eyes while fireworks boom all over the backdrop. *harlows, I'm still around, oh, nevermind.*

alone again, naturally.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I love you, but...

She aims to please, and loves unconditionally. She is the only one that wants to play with all the others, and the one that is whacked the least because of her lovingness.

But sometimes, I feel guilty for shutting her out, because I'm missing sleep when she's all over me.

Don't understand?

except she's a cat.

sorry dear! I must take more cute pics of you!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

so this is progress?

I used to stay on the 15th floor. After staying on the 2nd storey for many many years (I've moved back since), I found it really high, even though the highest floor then was the 25th. The 15th was considered a high floor for me.

Now I'm working on the 33rd floor, and they categorise their lifts to certain floors, like low, medium and high. For some weird reason, the 33th floor is considered a medium floor.

So that day, I went for a pre-employment check up, and I saw this:


I don't like this progress.

TV cats

My cats really like TV. I think they probably got it from me. Btw, both alex and furgie are watching CSI.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Is it so hard for us to go back to our previous closeness? Lose a lover, drop a tear. Lose a friend, drop a limb. =(


Maybe, *fu shui nan shou*, but I just want us to be good friends again, like before… all those crap sessions, all those joking, all those teasing, all those friendship.


I only want us to be friends, real friends again.


Can we?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Of Buffets

Last sunday I went to Shangri-La to have breakfast at The Line with my parents and my aunt's family. I was awed. Haha. I can't tell you enough how much fun I had - and their Sangria rocks! Its range is not, say, a million items, but the quality of the food and the creativity of it all, with the worthy service made it all worthwhile. (Friends should know the kind of service I compliment!)

Here are a few pics, only of the desserts (because I only remembered to take pics during dessert!)

That's my "baby" cousin (she's like P6 this year, and damn do I feel old[er])

ain't it a beaut? heh.

Then yesterday I went to Sakura with my best friend and a couple more friends to celebrate her birthday. Although the food wasn't special, gluttony prevailed in me heh heh. I like the fact that they had Kiwi fruits! High in Vit C, you know? I had the luck to pick the sweet ones, but a friend of mine didn't have such luck heh.

Seafood, do I love seafood, and I can gorge on that with Sashimi!

Their supposingly "famous" durian puffs but I don't really fancy durian puffs so I didn't try.

Ah buffets.... *grin*

Thursday, September 21, 2006

IndigNation by the Singapore Boy

I remember, a long time ago, I was at this Guiness Stout event with Nincompoop and the GreenXboxMan, where Hossan Leong was one of the performers of the night. I remember having a lot of fun with the 2 boys, and having a lot of fun watching Hossan. In fact, I was so excited about watching Hossan that I kept talking about it, to the GreenXboxMan's dismay. "Special meh?"

Yes, and I still do think so. Heh. I remember being amazed at him on stage, parodies that you did not think acceptable in Singapore were being performed flawlessly but not too polished (Channel 5 - this is the way to go, are you listening?).

He was the Singapore Boy, and still is.

So when I watched this on youtube, the memories of that night came back. I don't know if Nincompoop still reads this blog or not (boring, lah!) but I remember that night with fondness - I haven't hung out with him and the GreenXboxMan for a long time, nearly 18 months me thinks.

Although this wasn't written by Hossan (credits are Edmund Tan), he was great in performing it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

vicious cycle

Kiwi's scared of Alex, Alex's scared of Linus' hisses (she hisses at everyone), Linus' scared of Kiwi...

You hide things from me, I hide things from her, she hide things from me.

don't tell me, please.

Being alone, sometimes, is the protection against loneliness in a group.

The Long and Short about Leg Cramp

That's why my leg cramp. Sigh. Too bad my Linus won't do the same thing to me - she likes her distance.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mixed Piglets Soup

taken from a menu at Chinatown

I had no idea that 猪什汤 is Mixed Piglets Soup. It does sound more appetising to the unknowing, like my colleague from Bali who "hates pig organs - my mum forces me to eat them". Haha.

Monday, September 18, 2006

supercat to the rescue

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SuperKiwi!

Now, if I can get her to stop whacking Furgie and Linus.

I thought it looked familiar

The Faithful Non-Boyfriend had his hair cut. When I met him for lunch that day, I did a double take - I thought he was up for reservice. He was pretty annoyed that I kept running my hands over his hair haha.

I kept telling him I saw that haircut before. Maybe it's his round head, or maybe it's the gel on the hair, but...


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Eve About Town

Friends know me as an "Equalist". I stand up for equal rights for both men and women, irregardless of race. "That's a feminist, yawn," you say, but no. To me, if a woman wants to earn the same amount as a man, then she can hold her own shopping bags.

So when I read the New Paper just now with the column "Adam About Town", I wanted to call up Mr Adam and scream "Moron" in his face.

The Government should consider banning:

2) Women who can't cook, sew or iron

Perhaps a pre-wedding examination on these topics needs to be conducted before the wedding can take place to ensure that a women can take proper care of the family. I'm not worried about the husband's welfare. It's the kids that I am concerned about. Cross my heart.

This was the reply I sent to TNP. My friends would know that this is already incredibly mild.

If the column “Adam About Town” indicates that it should be about a caveman in Singapore, please ignore the following, because Mr Adam Hashidy’s view on women in today’s society is truly, to put it nicely, out of date. I’ll try to be nice, and if Adam was a personal friend or my brother, he would be seriously crying after the lecture I put through him.

Not that I do not appreciate his humour (I do enjoy the column week after week), but I guess Adam fixes ALL the things in his house, including the plumbing. I’m sure he makes all his own furniture and fixes all the electrical things in the house, after he harvests the field for the day. Living off the land, isn’t it the way? Wrong era, you say? Money can fix it, you say? So a man’s “handyman” can be outsourced but HORRORS! if a woman can’t cook, sew or iron?

So, a family’s welfare will be compromised if the mother can’t cook, sew or iron? Have you ever heard of shared responsibility? Or does that mean that the man of the house’s role is to prop his feet up after work and watch TV until it’s time to have dinner while the woman slaves over the stove after her also-long-day-at-work?

I bet dating is easy for you, kind sir, all you need is a target and a club to conk them on the head so you can drag them home. “You cook, sew and iron? *Bonk* You’re coming with me!”

Perhaps a pre-wedding examination of stupidity and ignorance should be essential. I can’t promise that Adam can pass though.

Everyone has responsibilities.

I have so much more to say, but I hope that's enough. I hope that you get my point - I'm saying that we all have responsibilities at home - share them. I know that this is "just a column", but when opinions like that are put on a national newspaper, I guess you know they should expect (or perhaps even hope for) reactions.

So a dad's role is just to be there playing with the kids while the mother prepares everything? GET A MAID, at least she's appreciated.

I'm still mad about it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Victoria's Secret

The true story behind Victoria according to these people. Environmentalists are raging mad about their catalogues, (I wonder if Ikea also kenna) and social commentors are as mad about the "image portrayed" as Barbie. Take a brief look, if anything.

Wah Lau Eh.

Got this off the bus one day. Irritating, isn't it? I mean, look, you wanna eat, go ahead. Just as long you don't bother anyone (make sure the food has no smell), don't litter, drop no crumbs or bits at all, and don't make really irritating sounds while eating (like chips).

But but but... longans? I don't know if this was done by a Singaporean or what, but I'm sending this in to the RudeSingaporeans site. Anyways they feature Rudeness in Singapore, more than RudeSingaporeans, contrary to what their URL is, and that's fine by me.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's all SibehSian's fault

I blame my growing paunch on SibehSian. I've been reading his blog, and look what happened to me.

kfc crispy drumstick

I seriously think he might be a special marketing tool by KFC, like the blog ThatGirlEmily by CourtTV.

Anyways, here's a funny MV parody by some boys from a local school.

They should consider going for the Ultimate Comedian competition - they were rather brilliant. Maybe these boys will soon be the next Hossans (we need more geniuses like him!)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

everyone's sick

I've been coughing for a while, and a bout of heart pain and arm numbness left me in fright of pneumonia, since my cough fits it (dry at first, and then productive).

Let's see in a couple of days. I've been so sick that I've been taking so much unpaid leave - I'm not going to hack in front of a client.

Curtis: funny how some people will only hear what they want - the lies we feed ourselves, and the lies we feed others

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I is Singaporean - is enough.

dieselsweeties: death and tax are inevitable, but love and art are luxuries.

From Hossan Leong's Blog:
When will the day come where I don’t have to be identified by my orientation, race or gender, marital status, age or religion?

When I fill up a form, all I have to is put down is Singaporean.

When will the world allow people to see each other as what they truly are, with no tags or labels? Perhaps one day, on job application forms, there won't even be fields for "Religion" (I mean, most of them say they don't care. Then what for put?) and "Race".

You and me both, Hossan, you and me both.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It rained last night.

I remember that first thunderstorm when I was at my old place at Jurong (I stayed on the 15th floor), after moving from Clementi (I stayed on the 2nd). The wind scratched my windows, howling and howling until I freaked out and called a classmate. I never had that at Clementi, with the plants covering it.

There hasn't been a thunderstorm for a while now, and just over the night there was a magnificent one. Now that I'm back at Clementi, on the 2nd floor, I'm constantly amazed at how much louder thunderstorms are over here. I swear I heard some thunder just next to my block (although my block's only 4 storeys tall).

I used to love watching the rain outside, a little scared, a little awed. Here, my heart stops every time thunder strikes and when it recovers, it does a little flip. My cats go mad, dashing from one corner to another, freaked out by the noise, or just cower in a corner and jerk everytime the sound invades their peace.

I love my place here, it's as cosy as I like it, but when there's rain (much less a thunderstorm), the electricity goes out. I feel like I'm in the 1970s and what's lacking is the need for me to put my pot (I've got only one) and pan (again, only one) under the leaking roof (which is, technically the 3rd floor). I wonder if the 4th floor gets it.

Isn't God's nature a beautiful thing?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

world cup

girls and sports - all that are this guy's mind.

With the EPL around the corner, the last world cup has been forgotten (except for those still paying their debts). But I wonder how many people actually watch soccer for, well, soccer? I mean, without betting on it. Is it a form of peer pressure? Because deep down I know some people don't really like to watch soccer. Hahaha. Boys will always be boys. (My toy's better than yours!)