A billion people died on the news tonight/But not so many cried at the terrible sight/ Well mama said/
It's just make believe/You can't believe everything you see/ So baby close your eyes to the lullabies/On the news tonight

Thursday, August 31, 2006


so sometimes when I'm bored at home, I'll do a couple of blogthings for fun. Straight at the left, there are random quizzes for shortcuts. So that day I saw something really funny...

Does that look like Wrestling? =_=''' looks more hentai if you ask me, and I do know a couple of guys who fancy that. Haha.

photohunt also got Singapore one

actually in my opinion, it's not that scary... as compared to the luge ride! Heh.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

alex the contortionist

my cat alex is a full grown adult male. the prop used is a box that can hold 9 mandarin oranges flat.

someone call a circus!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

do you understand?

wouldn't it be nice? to be able to remove our 'stresses' at will. I've got to remove myself.

This is a nice song, and it's sang by Vonda Shepard. Sometimes shit just comes our way, but make fertilizer. Much better than lemonade, no?

So I've got to make some decisions, swallow some more pride, slap myself silly.
I feel Alone again, Naturally.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

you are our Sunny

I've "sang" this before. To one of the girlfriends that I love a lot (you know who you are), I know it's tough for you now. But 太漂亮了, this is for you. I'm going to call you Sunny from now.

People used to love to hear her laugh/See her smile/That's how she got her name
Since that sad affair/She's lost her smile/Changed her style
Somehow she's not the same
But memories will fade/And pretty dreams will rise up/Where her other dreams fell through
Hurry new love/Hurry here
To kiss away each lonely tear/And hold her near/When Sunny Gets Blue

We need you. Take your time, but we need you. *hug*

Thursday, August 24, 2006

my room

This was taken a while back. These are just pictures of my room, and the CRT you see on the right was the one that I managed to coax chuwen to carry home for me, heh heh. Btw, facial ("no blackheads, I promise!") is a dirty word around him now. This is his reaction everytime I utter that word. Sometimes I even do it for fun just to see that priceless reaction.

I'm such a bad girl haha. It's the same reaction that my best friend shows then I threaten her with "the next time you get dead drunk, I'll put you in my room with all my cats", or the one where I ask the Faithful Non-Boyfriend to "help me choose lingere leh" or when I ask Supanova to "be a dear, could you go get me some tampons". Seriously, I got to stop that.

Anyways, back to my room. Here are some random shots I took some time back when I was doing some work for a friend's business and watching DVDs while I did it.

That's pretty neat already. Hahaha.

Monday, August 21, 2006

I've always said you don't have to "let go".

from the review of this movie,

"Love of the purest is always sweetest and unforgettable, especially with a sad separation by death and an unaccomplished wish. In the movie, Aki asked does love disappear after death, is that really the end of everything. To the people who are still alive, the love will carry on forever, their loves are always on their mind.

Many many touching scenes, I especially like the Aki playing piano in the hall scene. Not only the cleverly filmed cross over of the present Sakutaro and pass Sakutaro holding Aki tight in his arms, and I also like while still in the piano hall how Sakutaro talked on the cell phone to his friend to describe how he felt just now about Aki's presence and he still felt Aki as if she is alive.

As Lesile Cheung said in the movie Ashes of Time,
if you have lost someone forever, someone who was once very very dear to you, the only thing you can do is to never forget..."

by the way, choo choo hates twitchy because the latter is trying to kill the former.

I read this from this guy. Suddenly, you realise how true it is. It has to be enough.
She'll be:

Beautiful enough to attract me to her
Intelligent enough to keep me attracted to her
Eloquent enough to make me want to listen to her
Patient enough to listen to me
Understanding enough to tolerate me
Loving enough to keep me wanting more
Share enough of the same interests and thoughts to see eye-to-eye
Yet have enough of her own interests and views to keep things interesting
Outgoing enough to assimilate into my family and social circle
Yet quiet enough to know her limits
Exciting enough to keep things fresh
Yet down-home enough to keep things cosy.

Yup, my dream girl will simply be enough.

Who do you dress for?

I've gone to Orchard for a few times these past few months. For one, I hate crowds - I hate going town on weekends, but I didn't have much of a choice of timing, and everywhere's crowded on Sunday.

One thing about Orchard is that many people dress up, so there's lots of things to talk, point, laugh, and shake our heads in hopelessness about. Which brings me to one point - who do we dress for?

The way some people dress, we go "huh?". Some girls dress... not, and feel offended if you glance at them once too many. Then there is the camp that says, "Women only invite men to rape them, the way they dress."

How about me? To be honest, there are days I really heck care, I dress what I want, whether it's totally casual (or totally outlandish for others, like cosplay) and really don't care what people think. There are days I dress up for the occasion, say, a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. There are days where I just feel like dressing up. The 3rd reason is the one where I cannot blame people for looking, isn't it? Got to be fair. The last camp though, is a bit too extreme. It's the same as saying, "You invite people to rob you" by just owning a nice Beemer. Driving a Beemer down a ghetto, however, is plain stupid - like wearing a little more than a bikini down Geylang.

Ask chuwen (notyourusualshit.blogspot.com) the same question, and he'll say, "Everyone - male or female." in not exactly the same words. So how about you?

I'll be talking about this again, soon I hope. There are men who dress for men (like GQ Mag, heterosexual), and men who dress for women, and women who dress for men, and women who dress for women. And then there are the general ones. Personally, the only people that had said I was good looking were women, and although it's supposed to be more flattering, I don't date girls. But my point is that I like to "hide" - if I have a dollar for every time some one comments on my speckys, I can run my own business with full financing and some left to go on vacation to boot. I like my look, and I want my guy to see beyond that, and maybe like my look too. A client asked me to take it off on Saturday, and I refused - it's true, mystery makes me better. Haha. I'll leave it at that, because I've digressed.

Men who dress for men, and women who dress for women - these guys want the observers to think, "Boy I hope I look like him/her!" in the stricter sense. Maybe these are the vain ones, maybe not. I think a Venn Diagram would be great, but also totally confusing. One point that I've noted here is about fingernails of girls - click here. Are men actually attracted to these? These is definitely one area of "beauty" where I find women either do for themselves (personal beauty) or for other girls ("wow, her nails are nice!)

Well, this could be a lot of bullshit. Haha. But I'm going to go into this topic again soon. =) Hopefully soon.

I am still having problems in the fonts for my links, so I'm not going to link unless I tell you to "click here". Check out this blog - click here. I love its reviews, I love local music. Can't indulge in too much Humpback Oak though - I might just start wearing gothic. Haha.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

why is it in chinese?

A while back, I signed up for a new gmail account. For some reason, the terms and conditions were in Chinese. Perhaps it's because my unicode is by default chinese, but still... kinda funny. Haha.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

school 2

you know you miss your friends in school when you're lying on the bed and just start internet-smsing them nonsensically.

I need more friends.

claire needs a date.


you know that your NUS friends are starting school soon when you hear them bitching about bidding.

you know that your NUS friends have started school when your engineering friend smses you "a lot of mei nu everywhere until I entered Engineering and then my dick shrank."

and you know you miss everyone who's studying when you went town with the same said friend because "it'll be the last town trip before school starts" and also you haven't met your best friend for almost 2 weeks because she has school and you have a lousy work schedule.


do I miss it? yes, I know I missed out. suck thumb loh. haha. grass is always greener on the other side.

life, ah life. =)) what you throw me, what a wonder! just let me survive it.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

my best friend is hot

sizzling hot.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

how shagged am I

I have not changed my bedsheets for sometime. Big deal right? But the fact is that my cats puked on the edge of it last week...

The laundry still sits under the blanket on a clean part of my bed (I can vouch for that) - since last week.

I wanna clean up everything but really friggin got heart no energy. =/

I have a constant ache in my legs, no matter how little. Also, my soles.

I am freaking easily irritable (but I don't think this is just shagged).

I need to rant, but I know everything he has said and done is more or less logical, and I might have done similarly to what he had if I was in his position. That sucks, cos I can't rant. The nagging feeling that I really have no talent in this is starting to gnaw at me.

And if he doesn't give me what I want, I may just leave. This was concluded when I was friggin pissed - and had no good reason to beside everything was screwed up. Argh.

I am this close to just either hitting something or what stuff. Thank God I started wearing my cross again (thanks CW for the chain haha) and I subconsciously grabbed it and rubbed it and started praying silently.

I think the being pissed off was obvious to my colleagues, but you know, it's the dealing with the clients that keeps me there, and hence my clients will always get the good end of the stick. Someone better commend me quick, to the Bosses. Sigh.